Make summer memory “preserves” this Labour Day weekend

By Liann Bobechko »Liann Bobechko

It's too early to start the last swims and last boatrides, but with With the Labour Day weekend upon us and summer officially winding down, here are some ways to capture and cherish the cottage summer that was.

September 1st, 2011


Photo by Richard Cook

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I know, school starts next week, but I’m not ready to start those dreaded/beloved last swim/hike/boatride rituals. We’ll still be there a handful of weekends between now and Thanksgiving. But, no doubt, those long, languid days of summer are done.

So, I’m all in favour of coming up with some activities to celebrate the transition, but not saying goodbye—just yet. Call it preserving the summer: The same as we bottle the taste of summer in a jar of blueberry jam to enjoy all year, let’s collect and cherish our summer memories. Here are some ideas:

  • Write lyrics to the tune of a family favourite song, that highlight all the summer’s most fun moments, like the big fish Bobby caught, or Jane’s first time up on skiis, or the time the kids ganged up on Dad and threw him in the lake.
  • Draw or paint pictures, or take photos of all your favourite summer haunts: the quiet spot where the birch tree leans over the lake, the hammock on the porch, either being enjoyed, or vacant. Make an album, or post a gallery on a wall and invite everyone to a showing. (Plus you can enter the best in the Cottage Life Photo Contest.)
  • Interview the kids, and ask them to recollect their best moments of the summer.
  • Get everyone to make a secret top ten list of the summer (best meals, best campfires, best discoveries, etc), and then compare.

Whatever you do, enjoy! Happy long weekend everyone!



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