A simple boat shelter

By Ray Ford

How one cottager gets his boat in and out of the water in minutes


Photo by Frank Wunderlich

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The neighbours joke—in a good-natured way—about Frank Wunderlich’s “Muskoka Boathouse.” But what the shelter lacks in elegance, it more than makes up in convenience. “I wanted to get the boat to an area that was dry and clean,” says the cottager from Haliburton’s Tedious Lake.

Tired of bailing stormwater and picking leaves out of his 14-foot aluminum boat, Wunderlich built a ladder-style ramp made from pressure-treated 2×6 boards, studded with a dozen non-marking rubber casters from Princess Auto and covered by a portable canopy. The top end of the ramp is reinforced by 4x4s, with an upright 4×4 holding a 1,200-pound hand winch.

The winch is so easy to use, Wunderlich’s 9-year-old son, Jordan, can reel in the boat and its 9.9-hp outboard.“In three to five minutes the boat’s right out of the water. When you come back next weekend, it’s back in the water in two minutes,” Wunderlich says.

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Love the Prairies!

Sep. 20, 2011

9:30 am

The "Take it or Leave it" article has got to be THE most helpful article you have ever published. I have condensed the list, typed it and printed it out for my family who have cabins in our neighbourhood. It would be great if you could do the same for other readers which would make it easier for others to do so. I think we should all have a copy on our fridge doors at the cabin. Absolutely love, love , love this magazine. Janie

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