9 pantry clean-out recipes

Delicious ways to use up leftovers in the cottage cupboard

By Jill SniderJill Snider

…secure the dock, drain the plumbing, put up the shutters. Those are the easy tasks in closing up the cottage. What’s much more difficult is facing the pantry.

When you opened for the season, it made perfect sense to stock up on cottage kitchen staples such as trail mix or that jumbo bag of marshmallows. But now what are you supposed to do with all the leftovers? It’s one thing to make everyone drink a glass of milk to finish off the carton before you start the trek back to the city, but you can’t make anyone eat a cup of peanut butter. (Really. I’ve tried.)

Tossing food is wasteful—particularly with today’s inflated prices—and disposing of grocery garbage can be inconvenient at best and bear-baitingly dangerous at worst. But are you really going to take a quarter-full box of cereal back home to sit next to its twin in the cupboard? Fortunately, a little creative ingredient pairing can go a long way toward turning lingering leftovers into delicious treats. For instance, the Crispy Cheese Shortbread Wafers recipe, which uses crisp rice cereal and shredded cheese, makes a cocktail cracker good enough to serve in the city. In fact, some of these dishes are so addictive, we predict that you’ll soon stop thinking of them as part of your closing-up chores and add them to your summer-long recipe roster.

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Sep. 29, 2011

2:48 am

very nice..

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