Libyan Food

By Martin Zibauer »Martin Zibauer

September 1st, 2011

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What with the end of Ramadan, and the revolution in Libya, I’ve been curious about food from that part of the world. A friend recommended this blog, Libyan Food, for its accessible recipes and great step-by-step photography.

All through the Middle East and North Africa, many dishes are ubiquitous–it seems there are versions of tabbouleh, hummous, and couscous throughout a very large region. Often the local differences are subtle–the Libyan salad that looks a lot like tabbouleh contains diced crabapples (sounds really good) but no bulgur. Magroodh—little date-square-like cookies—are a traditional treat for Eid. In Libya, they’re baked; fried in the rest of North Africa.

Photo by Libyan Food



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