Building a homemade boat

By Liann Bobechko »Liann Bobechko

October 7th, 2010


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Blog reader Simone sent in this picture showing some of the creative fun she and her family and friends got up to this summer. It looks like the kind of project that could be entertaining for days on end. And that sky brings back the feeling of summer perfectly.

Here’s what Simone had to say about it:

When we were on the French River for a week ear­lier in August we would set “Chal­lenges” for the lads (our 2 and our friends’ 3). One of them was to build a raft out of some wood we’d found on the site, our 2+ food­bar­rels and some rope in order to pad­dle it across the inlet to retrieve the “Trea­sure”. I think they did a fine job!!  The boat also served as a math prob­lem fig­ur­ing out buoyancy—they needed to get enough vol­ume in bar­rels to be greater than their com­bined weights. Ha! Boys are ages 4, 6 (absent from photo), 6.5, 8, 9.

If you took on the build a boat challenge, or any of our Family Weekend Challenges from this past summer, send me a note. And send pictures if you’ve got ’em (email them to kidsblog

For that matter, send me stories about any of your summer fun. Its a long winter ahead, and we’ve got to keep each other warm with the lakeside memories.

Thanks again to Simone for sharing this family moment of ingenuity and good-old-fashioned cottage playing.

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Aug. 25, 2011

1:45 pm

Awesome fun. My younger brother and I did this when we were kids - using logs and rope. We then set sail as Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. It was a blast. We had as much fun sinking as we did building the raft. This last summer, now in our 40's we built a 15' Teepee from 20' poles and recycled Canvas. I'll try to post some photos here somewhere.

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