Drowned rat meets lone wolf

By Penny Caldwell »Penny Caldwell

August 24th, 2011


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Check out the latest addition to the Algonquin Visitor Centre. I did. Guest post by Jackie Davis, assistant editor.

This weekend I went to one of my favourite places in Algonquin Park (besides my cottage): the visitor centre. I’d just spent the last two hours in the woods, in the pouring rain. Eager for shelter, I dragged my shivering, grimy, stringy-haired self inside. It was packed. Happily, nobody shrieked in horror when they saw me, probably because they were all too busy admiring the life-sized Eastern Wolf statue—newly-installed last month—from sculptor Kevin Hockley.

Flashback alert: We profiled Kevin in our October 2009 story “Life at the Taxidermy Motel.” I fact-checked that story, so I got to talk to him. Fact-checking isn’t wildly exciting, but that time, it was, because in chatting with him, I discovered that Kevin’s the one who created the neat animal displays at the visitor centre. I love those displays! Incidentally, I called Kevin again last year, when I was trying to categorize mammal eyeballs by size. (It was work-related. I’m not a weirdo.)

This weekend, I didn’t stay long at the visitor centre. I wanted to get back to the cottage to take off my squishy shoes (I would later attempt to dry them out by putting them in the woodstove oven…it didn’t work). Anyway, if you’re in Algonquin Park, go see Kevin’s displays! But don’t wear wet clothes.

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