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By Penny Caldwell »Penny Caldwell

August 17th, 2011


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I don’t mean to alarm anybody, but September is nearly here. And there’s less than a month left to apply for an environment grant! Guest post by Jackie Davis, assistant editor.

Working at a magazine means thinking months (and years) ahead. In July, we work on winter stories. In the dead of January, we work on summer stories. We’re constantly caught in some kind of weird vortex, where time speeds up, then slows down, then reverses, then is normal for a bit, then speeds up again…it’s still 2011, right?

Anyway, with no inner clock to guide me, I must go by other cues to tell me that September is nearly here: the back-to-school shopping ads are on TV again; the other day senior associate editor Blair Eveleigh wore a sweatshirt—a sweatshirt—to work; and the deadline for the Cottage Life Environment Grant (CLEG) is just around the corner (Sept. 14). The grant helps fund projects that preserve and enhance the natural environment of cottage country. Have you or your cottage group applied? If not, what the heck are you waiting for? We’d love to hear about your plans. Check out the link above to learn more. Then, when you’re done, see what weird phrases this acronym generator suggests for CLEG. My favourite so far is Charmed Life Empty Grip. That’s deep, acronym generator. Deep.


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