Winning Wednesdays: The donut burger

By Martin Zibauer »Martin Zibauer

August 17th, 2011



Every year it seems the CNE, like state fairs in the US, gets media attention by promoting a gross-out food. Usually it’s a combination of two guilty pleasures that aren’t typically served together—chocolate-dipped bacon—or something naughty made naughtier by deep-frying it—deep-fried Coke, deep-fried butter. Often, the food is vaguely Southern US in origin, with all the ambiguous morality of a Southern Gothic novel. It’s bad, but it’s tempting.

There’s always an implied dare in the fair-food concoction. It’s too big, too sweet, too fatty: We dare you to eat it. If you’re reckless enough to ride the Zipper, strong enough to swing that hammer and ring that bell, brave enough to enter the haunted house, surely you can eat this too. For the vendor that hits on the right food, it’s a very successful business strategy.

For kids, unnaturally hued cotton candy is the gateway gross-out fair food. Don’t eat too much, you’ll be sick. Especially if you eat it before a midway ride. Of course, such warnings are irresistible challenges. Prove you and your stomach are grown up.

The Ex is opening on Friday and this year’s media-friendly good-bad food is the donut burger (it has to be spelled that way; the more formal “doughnut” just isn’t right). It’s not the patties, but the buns that make it fair food: glazed donuts. Bacon and fried egg extra.

The donut burger isn’t a new idea. Paula Deen—patron saint of unrepentant, unhealthy Southern food—made them on her show. This video remix of the segment is mean-spirited, psychedelic, creepy, and oddly suggestive, but it’s also one of the funniest things on YouTube:

YouTube Preview Image

For Winning Wednesdays, comment below and you could win a copy of Marc Thuet’s French Food My Way (pretty much the opposite of Paula Deen’s approach to food). Tell me about your favourite fair food, your favourite Paula Deen dish, or whatever you like.





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Aug. 26, 2011

11:30 pm

Deep fried grilled cheese sandwiches are yummy!


Aug. 22, 2011

9:52 am

Donut burgers are just so so many ways! Yuck and Yum all in one!


Aug. 17, 2011

6:25 pm

That video is both disturbing and Laugh Out Loud hilarious! My favourite fair food isn't anything too out there though. I still like good old fashioned Cotton Candy.


Aug. 17, 2011

4:17 pm

I am in Vancouver and my favourite fair food has to be the mini donuts....they are just part of the PNE experience. A visit to the fair just wouldn't be the same without a bag of those donuts. I would love to try some French cooking so that cookbook really would be great to win.

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