10 great board-gaming snacks

Our favourite finger-friendly foods for a day (and night) of cottage games

By Jane RodmellJane Rodmell

No matter what time of day, at the cottage there’s always a game afoot. Die-hard poker players bluff until sun-up, Risk and Monopoly masters strategize all afternoon, charades and Pictionary fiends get creative through warm summer evenings. And with games go snacks. The adrenaline of competition stimulates appetites in players of all ages.

The object of the cook’s game is to serve finger-friendly food that doesn’t interrupt the play or keep anyone in the kitchen while the action is at the table. Bonus points if you make snacks that are healthier than the ones that come in a bag. And while the time of day can suggest what snacks will suit the game, all rules are flexible. So roll the dice, deal the hand, start the timer—it’s your turn.

Bonus snack: Fruit with Dip

Something as quick as a plate of cut-up fresh fruit, served with a no-fuss dip, will keep rainy-day gamers happy. Chocolate Drizzle (double the ­recipe found here) is delicious with strawberries or banana chunks, although it can get messy on little hands. Plain yogurt flavoured with maple syrup and orange zest provides a refreshing contrast to most fruits. Or try a grown-up, surprisingly good dip for strawberries or cantaloupe: balsamic vinegar, reduced by half and sweetened with honey.

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