Winning Wednesdays: What kind of cook are you?

By Martin Zibauer »Martin Zibauer

August 3rd, 2011



Just last week I was briefing a recipe developer we’re working with for the first time. I told her about Cottage Life readers. My impression is that you fall into two groups when it comes to cooking. Some readers want quick and easy recipes that keep them out of the kitchen (and in the water or on the dock or in a cheesy novel). In other words, less cooking, more relaxing. For others, cooking is relaxing, and the cottage is a place with lots of time and few distractions–it’s where these readers will happily spend a few hours absorbed in creating a fantastic, memorable dinner.

What kind of recipes do you prefer–fast and easy or ambitious and absorbing? Comment here today, and I’ll draw one winner who will receive a copy of a cookbook with recipes that will satisfy both groups: Jamie Purviance’s Steak & Sides from Weber’s On the Grill series.


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Nov. 17, 2011

6:44 pm

During the summer months I love quick and easy. When it's colder I love complicated, long and slow. Humm there's a message here!!


Aug. 3, 2011

11:22 pm

Ambitious, always! Absorbing, I get lost in my soon as I step in, the herbs take over, the butter sizzles and I am in Heaven! Fast, give me 20 to 30 minutes and I will whip up something yummy! Easy, Open fire...BBQ...marinade...hubby cooking...wife reading by the lake!


Aug. 3, 2011

9:00 pm

I prefer fast and easy, but it has to be delicious. I like to keep a few "must" items on hand, and try to be creative as I can , but still enjoy the fun and good times that the cottage atmosphere offers. A large open kitchen allows me to be part of the action and accept offers of help.


Aug. 3, 2011

5:48 pm

I prefer recipes that are fast and easy. Usually clean up is faster with easier recipes too!

Aug. 3, 2011

5:15 pm

Unfortunately for me, I'm definitely in the ambitious and absorbing category...the more complicated the recipe, the more fulfillment I receive. Usually I spend 3-4 hours prepping and cooking up a meal (often longer). I'm working on this though. Cottage Cath has definitely hit the nail on the proverbial head with her description of what feelings the entire cooking/barbecuing experience conjures up.


Aug. 3, 2011

5:03 pm

I would definitely place myself in the fast and easy category most of the time. I like food but usually don't have the time and patience to do anything too challenging. Every now and then, maybe once a month, I like to try something ambitious and absorbing just for the heck of it. Some experiments are better than others. Food does taste better at the cottage or even on the back patio if you are on vacation.


Aug. 3, 2011

1:46 pm

Food DOES taste better at the cottage. That's why I tend to be a little more adventuresome. I have fewer ingedients on hand and like to experiment with new ways to put them together. It's where I came up with 'sandwich in a bowl'! I don't mind taking my time, but I also like quick and easy (like using leftovers). I'm probably a bit of both types of cooks!

Cottage Cath

Aug. 3, 2011

12:54 pm

Hi Martin, I like the way you describe the 2 types of cooks, and from my observations of cottaging friends, the two categories are very accurate. I would place myself solidly in the "ambitious and absorbing" category of cook. It was certainly not always the case....when I worked full time at a stressful job in the city, it was always..."What's the least I can do to get a meal together?" in the evenings. At the cottage, though, cooking becomes almost a zen's calming, engaging, fun, focused, and often adventuresome. And, of course, the food always taste so much better surrounded by fresh air and beauty at the cottage!

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