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EcoEthic Inc. Septic Treatment

Keep your septic system healthy with EcoEthic Septic System Treatment.

EcoEthic Septic Treatment is a premium quality bacteriological additive that contains necessary bacteria to help prevent system failure and malfunction.

This bacteriological treatment is formulated without enzymes to increase the bacteriological activity in the septic tank.  A septic functions on the principal of digestion of organic materials by bacteria. In the septic tank naturally present enzymes break the bonds of compounds, resulting in a simple feed that bacteria then metabolize, converting waste into mostly water carbon dioxide and mineral ash. Clean, clear effluent then flows out of the tank and into the tile bed (leaching field) where the effluent percolates into the soil. The more efficient the system operates the less pollution goes into the environment. The more bacteriological activity in the septic tank the better the treatment of the waste in the tank and the longer the life of your tile bed.

EcoEthic Septic System Treatment is a complete blend of natural bacteria that digest organic waste keeping your septic tank and drains clean and clear.

Recommended by industry professionals as an effective and high quality additive for your septic system.

Reduces Solids Build-up & Helps Keep Tile Fields Clean by digesting solids in the septic tank so they are not likely to enter the tile field. The main cause of Tile Field failure is solids buildup in the lines.

Eliminates odour problems by digesting the odorous waste. Digested waste has no odour! No more stink around ʻthat sideʼ of the house or cottage.

EcoLogo certified since 2001.

Please give us a call or email to order or locate your local dealer.

Dealer inquires always welcome.


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