Winning Wednesdays: What’s your heat-wave food?

By Martin Zibauer »Martin Zibauer

July 20th, 2011


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On Monday, the main course for dinner was, I admit, Creamsicles. Redeemed a little with sides of fresh cherries and strawberries.

Yesterday, I was more ambitious. I grilled steaks and made a version of a caprese salad: grape tomatoes, bocconcini, fresh basil and strawberries, with olive oil, balsamic, S&P.

In this heat, the best meals are cold and simple. A thick slice of ham, salads, cold leftovers of any sort. Maybe something that uses a blender, like the cold cucumber buttermilk soup (left) a friend made on Saturday, but certainly nothing that involves an oven.

For Winning Wednesday, tell me what’s your favourite hot-weather food? I owned up to the Creamsicle meal, now it’s your turn. I’ll draw from the comments posted here today and one person will get a copy of Cool Drinks for Hot Days, by Louise Pickford. I can’t even look at this book–it’s making me thirsty.


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Jul. 21, 2011

9:46 pm

anything I dont have to cook...we have had every kid of salad you can think of !!!


Jul. 20, 2011

6:10 pm

my **NEW** heat-wave favorite, the uber-french green bean salad plate - blanched (then chilled), green beans, grill charred cheery tomatoes, boconcinni (or crumbled feta - depending on what's on hand), with chunk white tuna, capers and black olives - then lightly tossed with a lemon/dijon dressing I found at the local grocery, (wish I remembered the name on that bottle), a little extra lemon juice and salt and pepper to taste... Delicious and satisfying! Great with a glass of crisp white out on the balcony!


Jul. 20, 2011

12:49 pm

My favourite meal would be a chocolate-covered cherry DQ Blizzard. Seriously. But next choice would be a sandwich in a bowl or perhaps cheese and crackers!!


Jul. 20, 2011

12:35 pm

Salad plate- melon, prosciutto, deviled eggs, salad, cheese!!!

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