Pretty DIY ribbon pendant lamp

By Michelle Kelly »Michelle Kelly

July 18th, 2011


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My cottage DIY skills are fairly limited. Okay, they are basically non-existent. (I add that caveat with the snickers of each of my family members firmly in my mind.) I mean, I can paint and sand, and I even replaced the screen in the back door once. But every so often I come across a DIY project that even I would feel comfortable taking on. I felt that way when I saw this pretty ribbon pendant lamp by Pinecone Camp blogger Janis over at Poppytalk. Not only is this light beautiful, but it also repurposes items you may already have around the cottage. Janis, a Vancouver-based interiors and lifestyle photographer, simply wrapped a ribbon of fabric, weaving it through the mesh every 6 inches or so, around an old wire waste basket (scored for $2, no less). She then snipped a hole in the bottom and added a “Hemma” cord set from good ‘ol Ikea. Voila, let there by light! Thanks, Janis!

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