Shout-out to the Dock Spider sweatshirt

By Penny Caldwell »Penny Caldwell

July 13th, 2011


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Who loves this sweatshirt? Guest post by Jackie Davis, assistant editor.

A few years ago, as a gift, I gave my dad the Cottage Life Dock Spider sweatshirt. If you’ve ever been to the Cottage Life Shows, you’ve probably seen it sold in our booth—the dark greenish-grey one, with the spider on the shoulder. I’m pretty sure the sweatshirt changed his life. He told me that nothing had ever fit him so perfectly. The following Father’s Day, he asked for another sweatshirt (yes, the exact same one). We went out to dinner, and I presented him with the new one while he was wearing the old one. (Other Diners In The Restaurant: “Why would she give him something he so clearly already has? Why?!“) For his upcoming birthday next week, he has asked for a third sweatshirt.

Nothing happened to the original sweatshirt, or Sweatshirt II. He just really, really likes this style. I’ve come to realize that this may be the only sweatshirt he wears. Ever. He wears it at the cottage, and at his vacation house in Florida. He wears it to restaurants. He wears it Christmas morning. He wears it while driving his truck, with another one folded up on the passenger seat, like some kind of Emergency Backup Cottage Life Dock Spider Sweatshirt.

When I went to the Cottage Life Store for info on available sizes, I couldn’t find the sweatshirt, and I figured we no longer sold it. This was upsetting for two reasons: 1) Dad would be disappointed, and 2) What the heck was I supposed to get him for his birthday, or any other occasion that requires a gift? But then I double-checked with our office manager; turns out, it should be available in the fall. So, crisis averted: Dad’s relationship with the sweatshirt can continue. Probably forever.

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