A tribute to Taylor the wonder dog

By Penny Caldwell »Penny Caldwell

March 24th, 2011



I’m sad to tell you that one of my best friends died earlier this week: Taylor, one-time cover boy for Cottage Life, about whom I’ve written so many times. He slowed down dramatically over the last four weeks, and finally an x-ray revealed a large tumour in his chest. He left us peacefully on Monday morning, lying in my husband’s arms.

I’ve had several letters over the years from cottagers who told me about their own cottage canines. some of them grieving their loss. This is the second golden retriever DH and I have had to say goodbye to, and it’s very hard to do. Taylor was a great dog and we’ll miss him, but we have lots of good memories and photos, especially from the cottage. I thought I would share a few with you here.





Favourite fishing spot.

Anyone for a ride?

Here we go…

Ready for his close-up.

Life guard on duty.


Where’d everyone go?

Always curious.




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Penny Caldwell

Summer Cottager

Dec. 10, 2011

4:30 pm

Hi Everybody, I wanted to let you know that we have a new golden retriever puppy. He is 13 weeks old and his name is Mitch. I'll be writing about him weekly in my blog posts. Thanks again for all your kind words when Taylor died. We won't forget him. Best, Penny

Penny Caldwell

Summer Cottager

Mar. 29, 2011

12:49 pm

I’m so sorry to hear that, Heather. Goldens are still just big puppies at four.


Mar. 28, 2011

5:23 pm

We said goodbye to our golden, Tess, last year after a long fight with canine epilepsy (she was just 4 yrs old), and understand the heartache that goes with the decisions we make for our furry friends. Like you, we have a happy heartful of memories - mostly connected with the water. Goldens and water just go together, and your photos of Taylor brought all our memories back - they are beautiful.

Penny Caldwell

Summer Cottager

Mar. 26, 2011

9:00 am

Thanks to all of you for your messages and tweets, and for your kind words at the show. I really appreciate them. We have wonderful memories of our time with Taylor, and when I think of him, it is with a happy heart.


Mar. 25, 2011

3:10 pm

Oh Penny I hadn't read this when I saw you at the Cottage Life Show today. So sorry.


Mar. 25, 2011

1:06 pm

I'm so sad to hear this news. We lost Sydney the pug in January - former model dog for a Cottage Life feature on the latest in wet weather gear for small dogs (in one of the long ago back issues).



Mar. 25, 2011

12:08 pm

I know how I have felt having lost a furry member of the family and my heart goes out to you. These pictures show that you were all very lucky to have had each other and everyone's lives were made richer for that time together. I'm sure you'll see him in all those special places and remember him with a smile. We'll miss hearing about his adventures, too. Thank you for sharing him with us over the years.


Cottage Cath

Mar. 25, 2011

9:38 am

Hi Penny, What a beautiful, happy boy! There is very clear, looking at that great smiling face, that he lived a rich life with a good family. I'm so very sorry for your loss. You are right....no matter how many times we have to say goodbye to these perfect friends, it never gets any easier. And maybe that's as it should be. Thanks for sharing your memories. RIP, Taylor.

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