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By Michelle Kelly »Michelle Kelly

July 8th, 2011



We’ve just returned from a twelve-day summer stay at the cottage. We had a fantastic time, although I will say that I noticed a few differences being on holiday with a baby. Not quite as much hammock time as in previous years! However, we of course made time for poking around the antique shops and flea markets that I love, including a new favourite, The Treasure Shop in Westport, Ont.

The Treasure Shop contains the personal collection of owner Denise Doucet. A former Montreal banker, Denise retired to Westport a few years ago with her husband, and together they run the antique shop and an adjoining B&B, A Victorian Reflection. A lifelong collector, Denise has gathered collectables from all over the world: A silver thimble found on a recent trip to France, moulds for ships purchased at the Brimfield Antique Show, juice glasses from country flea markets. I could literally have spent hours in her shop poking around the wares, chatting with her about where things came from and what they were used for. Definitely worth a stop if you are in Westport.

A colourful collection of McCoy pottery

I've been thinking about starting an enamelware collection...

Shelves of vintage tins

In honour of Will and Kate's visit I had to include this one...

My mom would love these sets of juice glasses. Lemonade anyone?

This pottery reminded me of Maggie Algie's collection. Mags, you must get to this shop!

Beautiful old radios

Anyone know what this is? Denise told me that it would have once housed an attachment for a sewing machine. It was beautifully made and fanned out to lay flat.

These are the moulds used for ships that Denise found at Brimfield.


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Jul. 9, 2011

8:15 am

Fantastic! We've got a week at the family cottage in August so will schedule time to get in here. Although I think we've got all those juice glasses already at the lake. Isn't it funny how the same collections turn up over and over. Antiquing with a baby is easy (pop in carrier and go!) but next summer will be a very different story called "Divide and Conquer".

Michelle Kelly

Michelle Kelly

Jul. 8, 2011

7:43 pm

Debb, you would LOVE this shop. I could spend hours and hours in there just learning about the treasures. Roy did well, although we had a scary incident when he was stung by a bee on our last day. Luckily he didn't have a severe reaction, but there was a just-in-case trip to the emergency room that had me pretty frazzled! I guess biting bugs are just a part of the cottage experience that he didn't want to pass up! My advice: When your grandbaby gets to the lake (so exciting!), make sure you have some baby Benadryl on hand!


Jul. 8, 2011

3:14 pm

Oh, now THAT'S my kind of shop!! I actually have a few of those items.....the little yellow flower pot, the blue and white striped pitchers [I have a large one and small one], the hurricane lamp, a very similar radio and similar enamel pitcher! These are my kind of treasures!! Wish we had more of these shops near us. How did your little guy make out at the cottage? It'll be my turn for that next summer with the new grandbaby due in a couple of months!

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