One sleep ’til Canada Day!

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A crazy bear-in-a-boat story, plus last chance to win a book for Canada Day

June 30th, 2011


Photo by Bill Dickson


Tomorrow is Canada Day, and (need I say it?) today is the last day of school for many cottage kids out there.

Bye to school friends for a few months, and hello to free time, sleeping in, and a seemingly endless cottage summer. Finally!

To celebrate, today I have more trivia for all of you to enjoy, this time from Crazy Canadian Trivia 3, by Pat Hancock:

Being “boatjacked” by a bear was definitely not what Marty Descoteaux, owner of Elliot Lake Outfitters, had in mind when he promised visitors to his company’s website “a world-class guided Ontario fishing adventure you will never forget.” But that’s what happened when he headed out one morning onto Esten Lake in his five-metre-long aluminum boat to see how well the fish were biting.

Fortunately, Descoteaux had no customers along for the ride that morning in July 2006, when a large bear swimming nearby suddenly decided it wanted to come aboard. When the bear reached up to grab the side of the boat, Descoteaux whacked it on the head with an oar, but that didn’t stop it. When it pulled itself up and in, Descoteaux abandoned ship and started swimming for shore.

In the meantime the bear was checking out the boat, which was still moving at slow, trolling speed. But when the hairy pirate bumped the throttle of the main gas-powered motor, the boat shot forward. Descoteaux watched from shore as his craft headed toward some rocks. When it bumped into them, the bear was thrown into the water. It swam ashore and lumbered off into the woods, but the boat kept going, speeding around and around in circles for nearly half an hour until it ran out of gas.

Descoteaux’s Ontario fishing adventure finally ended when he swam out and retrieved his boat. It was certainly an experience he would never forget, and it made for a great fishing story to share with his clients when he took them fishing.

I hope your boating adventures this weekend are less eventful!

And remember, it’s your LAST CHANCE to enter our big Canadiana book-giveaway. It ends tomorrow, so get your name in the hat to win one of six books, by submitting a comment here telling me what you’re most looking forward to doing on Canada Day, or for the rest of the long summer ahead. For ideas, check out some of the comments that others have submitted earlier this week, here, here, and here.

Alright, today, I’m looking forward to peeing in the woods, and teaching my toddler to try it too!


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Liann Bobechko

Liann Bobechko

Jul. 4, 2011

1:00 pm

I know—isn't that crazy?


Jun. 30, 2011

8:56 am

Seriously? A bear in a boat? That's an amazing story! Peeing in the woods....a cottage rite of passage for sure! :)

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