Make-ahead dishes for opening-up weekend

By Martin Zibauer »Martin Zibauer

May 14th, 2010


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It’s opening-up season, when there are cottage chores to be done, and our readers want recipes that can be made ahead. It’s a good time to restock the pantry too; Cottage Life has a checklist to help you remember what you need.

Essential Tomato Sauce

This foundation pasta sauce recipe is delicious as is, but Jane Rodmell adds 11 distinct variations. My favourites are the Puttanesca and the Fresh Mushroom sauces.

Cool Mexican Slaw

A coleslaw that keeps well in the fridge. Ideal for quick snacks between the jobs on your list.

Sweet-and-Sour Meatloaf Sandwiches

Make this meatloaf ahead and freeze it. You need a hearty lunch when you’re putting the boats in the water or getting the water systems up and running.

Paprika Beef Goulash

The classic soup that eats like a stew and gets better the second day.

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