Hooked Rugs by Micheline Mann

By Corinna vanGerwen »Corinna vanGerwen

May 22nd, 2009

Lake and Pines hooked rug by Micheline Mann


Had a lovely chat recently with Micheline Mann, a rug hooker up near Port Elgin. For the past four years she’s been creating what she calls “modern day heirlooms” using the traditional crafting method. Her cottage series of hooked rugs are inspired by the landscape paintings of the Group of Seven, and are quite fresh and vibrant—not your usual stodgy hooked rug affairs.

Honey Harbour hooked rug by Micheline Mann

Micheline uses linen backings into which she hooks 100 per cent wool yardage, sliced strips of wool fabric (some rug hooking uses yarn). Treated well, the rugs should last longer than a lifetime. They’re made sturdy enough to walk on, but some of Micheline’s clients prefer to hang them on on the wall, as art pieces.

Silver Point hooked rug by Micheline Mann

The pieces aren’t inexpensive–they’re about $1,100 for a welcome-mat size and go up from there–but when you think about the amount of handwork that goes into each one, you wouldn’t really expect them to go for much less. Every rug is one of a kind (Micheline will use parts of patterns from rugs she’s made before, but always changes it up a bit), and you can custom order them to include your cottage or family name. And if you want an image of your cottage or favourite lake spot, Micheline will create a custom design from a supplied photo.

Micheline also holds rug hooking workshops at her place, an old schoolhouse that she spent a lot of time renovating to fabulous results. She’s allowed me to share a few photos of her place with you. Very inspiring.

Dining table in Micheline Mann's old schoolhouse

Barn door in Micheline Mann's old schoolhouse

Micheline Mann's kitchen utensil collection

I love all the vintage collections she has around the schoolhouse, from old kitchen utensils to paint-by-number artworks.

Micheline Mann's schoolhouse kitchen

Micheline Mann's schoolhouse sleeping loft

If you’re in Bruce County this weekend and interested in seeing Micheline’s place and her work in person, she’s holding an open house Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You’ll find her on Bruce Road 3 about four minutes north of Paisley. Tell her I say hi.

Micheline Mann's thrift shop bleachers


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Christina Tozer

Mar. 17, 2010

11:46 pm

Hey, in the premiere issue of your magazine perhaps you can include my "seashell" Christmas Tree along with the Tozer Lakehouse.... Our concept for your mag should definitely not be "the Happy Hooker" but perhaps something like "the thigh's the limit" Love you xxxxxxxx Christina


Mar. 17, 2010

5:35 pm

wow, Christina, I didn't realize that you left a comment here..........I apologize for not responding sooner! Martha Stewart - that's nuthin! Soon I'll be able to say that Christina Tozer owns one of my rugs!!!!

Christina Tozer

Jan. 24, 2010

9:39 pm

Micheline, you have never told you that Martha owns one of your rugs. She should be showing that in her Living Magazine. Your biggest fan Christina xxxxx


Oct. 7, 2009

5:13 pm

Thanks, Nancy for your remarks. I appreciate your interest in my work. Though natural dyes can be used, I'm afraid that I use acid ones (in tiny amounts..) You can find out about wool dyes here: http://www.wcushing.com/DyesandEquipment.html Wool takes dye very well and hence the vibrant effect you see in my work.

Nancy Moitrier

Oct. 3, 2009

7:41 am

The colors that you use in your rugs are fabulous. They feel like the earth, and so perfect for the subject matter too! Your cottage looks soooo snuggly. Are the dyes of the wool natural?


Aug. 19, 2009

11:50 am

Thanks for your kind remarks regarding my rugs. I'm afraid I have to agree with you regarding the usual nature of hooked rugs out there. Though I admire the workmanship of many "hookers" out there, it is rare that I love the finished piece in its entirety. I am hoping to elevate my rugs beyond the "craft" realm and into the art realm. It is slow going unless people actually see the pieces as one can here, thanks to Corinne! By the way, Martha Stewart owns one of my rugs...........maybe that'll help me with my quest! Micheline Mann


Aug. 1, 2009

4:52 pm

These are so gorgeous! I love the two bottom ones! Fantastic, unlike all the rest you see these days..Great blog btw:).

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