Chickens in backyards

By Martin Zibauer »Martin Zibauer

May 12th, 2010


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The urban chicken-farming movement (OK, maybe it’s not a movement just yet) is probably a non-starter for cottagers. You can’t leave chickens at the cottage: Most of the time, they’d be sitting ducks. Maybe you could keep them in your city backyard, but you’d have to find a poultry-sitter on the weekends. Or drive them back and forth. Fun.

If you are thinking of raising a few hens, an economic analysis shows you shouldn’t expect to save money. The cost of feed isn’t really offset by the value of the eggs produced.

You might, though, consider keeping a fancy chicken, such as a Silkie Bantam, as a pet.

The photo comes from a series on Flickr, and it seems the cat and chicken are friends, or at least have called a truce. Silkie Bantams do look cute, but they are also raised for their meat. I ate one once. Underneath the fur, they’re purple.

Silkie photo: AlishaV

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