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Limnion Corporation

Heat-Line established LIMNION® Corporation, a geothermal division, to develop high performance geothermal transfer products. Drawing on information from the geothermal community, the goal of LIMNION® is to design energy transfer systems that exceed customer expectations and at the same time protect our precious natural resources.

It has long been recognized that our lakes and seas contain the energy to heat and cool our homes but to date, getting this geothermal energy out has required the use of hundreds and thousands of feet of plastic pipes, often carelessly strewn onto lake bottoms covering large areas. These pipes are damaging the eco system and are destroying swimming and fish habitats with an ugly and largely non-serviceable coil. Even more concerning is that these in lake piping systems never perform as advertised.

To change this LIMNION® developed LIMA-1 which does not adversely affect the ecosystem as it suspends itself harmlessly within the lake water and is anchored to the lake bottom using a small 12” ballast. The LIMA-1 is engineered, highly efficient and is 1/600th the size of a lake loop/mat with increased performance. No longer does bigger mean better when it comes to geothermal performance.

LIMNION is a registered trademark of Heat-Line Corporation. Patents Pending.


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