Game seven

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June 22nd, 2011

game 7

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Guest post by Jackie Davis, assistant editor:

Reader Drew Carnwath sent Cottage Life this photo the other day, and we just had to share it (along with his explanation of the photo). When I mentioned to Penny that Drew actually sent the photo and message to several of us here, she said, “I guess when you’re sad, you want to reach out to the world.”

Sorry if you’re sad, Drew. But thanks for keepin’ it real and making us laugh.

Here’s what Drew wrote:

My name is Drew Carnwath, from Honey Harbour, Georgian Bay, and welcome to my photograph. Alas it is not a Tom Thomson-esque panorama of the West-blown trees. It is not a sunset, or sunrise, reflected in the glass-like water surface. Most important—it is not yet one more insufferably ‘cute’ photo of a dog jumping off a dock.


It is a real photo, taken at a real cottage (on my cell phone) of Game Seven of the NHL playoffs. Reflecting, perhaps, at least three Canadian obsessions. Ordinarily I would not submit such a thing, but on second glance I kind of like the entirely accidental composition:

See how the ice hockey rink is ‘set’ on the bay behind it?

See how the curve of the shore matches the curve of the rink?

See how the empty beer bottle reflects, more or less, the fortunes of the Vancouver Canucks?

See how, in a very strange way, the laptop computer actually fits into the landscape?

I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but perhaps essays will be written about such topics by some Marshall McLuhan-in-waiting. Or Northrop Frye. Or Stephen Leacock.

In the meantime? Have a great post—season.

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Jun. 23, 2011

11:24 am

Love it! But where's the chipmunk?

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