Winning Wednesdays: 3 tips for cooking fish

By Martin Zibauer »Martin Zibauer

June 22nd, 2011



Starting today, check here for Wednesday giveaways of cookbooks, product samples, and other assorted swag. I promise not to make you work too hard for it, either.

Here are three interesting tips for cooking fish. While she was working on the photo shoot for our Grill Guide to Fish and Seafood, our food stylist, Ruth Gangbar, passed these on :

1. How to prevent grilled fish from sticking–use lettuce.

If you’re grilling a delicate fish that’s likely to stick no matter how carefully you’ve cleaned and oiled the grill, try laying a small leaf of lettuce on the grill under the fish. The lettuce will dry out and char a little–and may even fall apart completely–as the fish cooks, but by the time that happens your fish will be done, no sticking. This is a great way to use those wilted, discoloured leaves from the outside of the lettuce head.

2. How to cover up the smell of cooked fish.

If you’re cooking fish indoors, you can banish the smell of the cooked fish with a lemon. After squeezing out the juice, place a lemon half, rind-side down, right on the hot burner for about 6-8 minutes. The essential oils in the skin will cook and fill the room with the smell of toasted lemon. (“Burnt lemon, actually,” Ruth admits, “but it’s much better than the fish smell.”) Works with an orange too.

3. How to keep grilled sardines really moist.

Ruth saves time by popping frozen sardines on the grill without thawing them. They take about 2-3 minutes longer to cook, but the fish does stay juicier.

What’s your favourite way to grill fish? Post a comment here today and I’ll draw one winner who’ll receive a copy of Jill Lambert’s A Good Catch: Sustainable Seafood Recipes from Canada’s Top Chefs.




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Martin Zibauer

Martin Zibauer

Jun. 22, 2011

3:38 pm

Thanks, Reina. Yes, there's nothing like a fish fry. Something about that truly fresh fish that can't be beat.


Jun. 22, 2011

12:28 pm

OK, I will be first! DH does a great fish fry that he learned from fishing up north. Just plain flour mixed with beer, salt and pepper to taste, and coat the fish with this and then fry in butter and serve with a slice of lime. Yum yum. The best fish I like is Northern or Jack fish but it has to be caught in cold water. Really a firm, tasty fish.

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