Birch log side table

By Michelle Kelly | 14 Apr 2011

Tomorrow afternoon we’ll be heading to the lake for our very first cottage weekend of 2011! I’m extra excited about opening up this year as I’ll be introducing Roy to the lake. Something tells me it will be an even more hectic opening-up weekend than usual. But I can’t wait.

We have a big ol’ birch that stands just north of the cottage. It’s lovely; helps to keep the building shaded and cool, and I can hear its branches blowing in the wind from my bed. I’ve also spent many a summer afternoon beneath it swinging in our hammock, so maybe that’s why it’s one of my favourite trees at the cottage. Unfortunately, it’s nearing the end of it’s life, and each year we return to the lake more and more of its branches are littering the ground. I’m afraid that one year soon we’ll arrive to find that it has fallen down, but let’s try to find the silver lining, shall we? Here it is: All those branches will work beautifully for this DIY project, from blogger Anne Collins.

Charming work! Head on over to Anne’s blog, Seeing Design for more detailed instructions on how to make this rustic yet sophisticated side table.

Have a wonderful weekend all, and wish me good luck on our opening-up adventure. I’m particularly praying for no mouse poop in the pantry.