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By Michelle Kelly »Michelle Kelly

March 4th, 2011


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Cottage living is for the dogs, there is no doubt. The moment we turn down our cottage road, our pup, Georgia, goes berserk anticipating what’s at the end of that long driveway. We tend to pamper our fur child, and usually bring her bed from home so that she can have a cushy place to crash after a long day of running around chasing the red squirrels. Of course, that is a massive pain when we’re already lugging so much junk for the two of us (and, this summer, for little Roy too). We definitely need a cottage dog bed to live there all year round. Since it will get so little use, it doesn’t really make sense to invest too much into it, especially given how pricey those beds can be. That’s why I was so delighted to find this clever DIY dog bed on one of my new favourite blogs, sarah.wandering:

Sarah stitched together three simple Signe rugs from Ikea into a shell, filled it with batting from a fabric store and, viola, her golden retriever Lucy has a stylish new spot to snooze. Such a simple idea and it cost her less than $10 to execute. Kudos to you Sarah! Check out her blog for more shots of the bed, as well as a bunch of other neat DIY projects.

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Mar. 8, 2011

9:24 am

1. Love those Ikea rugs. I've got one on every piece of furniture at camp. Since our Gracie is allowed on the couch and chair, the rug helps keep the hair off the furniture and I just shake it off and wash it once in a while. 2. Great idea for the doggie bed. I've done something similar, but used our old bed pillows instead of stuffing. 3. Our Gracie doesn't get excited when we get close to camp. It's almost like she's thinking, "Meh, I've been coming here since I was born,'s not big deal"!

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