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Sculpting in granite offers the greatest challenge in all aspects of artistic approach. My approach with granite works is that of blending life forms and subjects into one another with Illusionary results. There is always some effort left to adding spontaneity in my Art. Pushing the limits of painting and sculpting to new extremes is what it”s all about for me I’m never satisfied that I cannot push the envelop of The Original Art statement further.

The works began in the early 70′s – now numbering in the 1000s. I compose numerous subjects together by blending Illusion with colour, abstract form in the foundations of the composition and unifying the work through cubist, fisheye and other relatable approaches that have been employed throughout Art history. Sketching compositions for Painting has been the foundation for leading myself to three dimensional works. There is always a new energetic series of works in progress.

Working with stone seems easier than wood in many ways in my opininion. The stone is more predictable and finishes easier than wood. It also represents an entirely different thought process and approach than wood and provides it’s own specific realms that provide me with what I feel is the final frontier of creating orignal one off Art works. Stone requires complete understanding of form.

All of the things one learns when they become a master painter, a quest that can continue throughout one’s entire life, need to be applied in real time, once one creates in three dimension. No one has surpassed the masterly works of Michelangelo as his” life works” literally seem to be alive and one expects to see the stomach move as the wonderfully polished marble gleems in the daylight.


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