Beer poster from Pop Chart Lab

By Michelle Kelly »Michelle Kelly

February 23rd, 2011


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Usually I associate beer “art” with frat houses and tacky bars. You know what I mean: adverts made into posters, neon signs that flash brand names, framed freebie t-shirts, and the like. But beer has something of a split personality. It can be a low-brow ticket to drunken tomfoolery, or a high-brow bevvie for a more refined palette. This poster, from Brooklyn-based poster and T-shirt designers Pop Chart Lab, falls someplace in between by celebrating the many different varieties of ale and lager (I had no idea there were so many!) in a cheeky and accessible way. Hang it in your cottage and you can not only drink beer, fancy imported or low-cost domestic, but you can also learn something of its ingredients, all while showing some fine taste in home decor. Bottoms up!

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Feb. 23, 2011

11:55 am

That poster is great!

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