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By Michelle Kelly »Michelle Kelly

February 17th, 2011



Well, what a whirlwind couple of weeks that was!

I’m delighted to share with you all what I think is the best news ever: I recently gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Roy Joseph! Here’s a shot of the little sprite so you know that I’m not making it up when I say that he’s the cutest baby on the block:

Lately, life for me has been all about midnight feedings, swaddle lessons, and lullabies, and that’s left little time for keeping my eye on cottage style. But I’m slowly starting to get into a routine with my boy and will be blogging more regularly in the coming weeks and months. So stick with me, and don’t be surprised to hear a Roy story or two thrown into the mix! (Side note: This gives me even more incentive to keep up with Liann Bobechko’s awesome Cottage Kids blog, now that I’ve got a kid of my own to play with at the lake.)

I’m just now working on a few posts to complement the release of our April issue, our first of 2011. I always feel like summer is actually on its way when we get that first issue of the year out the door. It’s a goodie, too, with two fantastic features about beautiful, stylish cottages. I’ll be sharing some shots that didn’t appear in the magazine on the blog over the next few days, so be checking back for some lovely eye candy.

It’s only about three months until the May long weekend, when the summer season officially gets underway. What projects are you working on for 2011?


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Mar. 23, 2011

9:50 am

Michelle Roy Joseph is so beautiful!!!! what a gorgeous bundle.....congrats.....I cannot believe you are posting and working again so soon..... have a big hug momma mags


Feb. 22, 2011

7:11 pm

Thanks for all the kinds words! Yes, he is pretty darned cute... :)



Feb. 19, 2011

10:15 am

Congrats to you, new Mama!! Roy is adorable. I just returned from visiting my youngest daughter in Quebec! She is twelve weeks preggo snd I'm going to be a MeeMaw!! Babies are awesome. :)



Feb. 17, 2011

7:30 pm

Congratulations! He definitely is adorable and seeing that picture reminds me of when my not-so-little-anymore boy was born. I'm going to give him a hug now. Thank you for sharing your wonderful news!


Feb. 17, 2011

4:33 pm

Congratulations, Michelle! He's gorgeous!! I can't wait to read the new issue and see the additional photos in your blog. No pressure though..enjoy your precious Roy Joseph!!

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