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10th Anniversary Issue a Celebration Of Life At The Cottage. The Sounds

They speak of summers past and lives lived - and whisper to us of forever. Beyond any doubt, they speak of nowhere but the cottage. Photos by Edward Gajdel.

The Smells

The true essence of cottaging is captured by our noses. And those scents of summer stir our memory, our longing, our desire. Illustrations by Blair Drawson.

The Plumbing

Outhouses and septic tanks, pumps and pipes. Some lessons learned in a (sometimes pungent) decade on the water-system beat. Photos by Wolf Kutnahors.ky

Images Of Life At The Cottage

A portfolio of pictures that evoke the memories we all love, plus words chosen from a decade of publishing. Chosen by Cottage Life staff.

In This Issue

The good, the bad, the best
'40s and '50s cottages
The weekend work ethic
Cottage piñata
How to find a good architect
The bite on beavers
Patio lanterns
How many lakes are really in Ontario?

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