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Special Issue

Celebrating 100 Years of Cottaging.

Founders Keepers

You think you’ve been cottaging a long time? These families have a century of staying put.

Everything Old is New Again

A cottager’s passion for all things Adirondack lends his lodge instant heritage.

Never Ending Stories

Our call for favourite cottage tales took our readers down memory lane.

Last Resorts
By Charles Long

What happened to the grand old hotels that turned tourists into cottagers?

100 Years Of Cott Itching

There’s always been a buzz around avoiding the mosquito and soothing her sting.

The Tree That Build Cottage Country

How the white pine laid the foundations of life at the lake.

No Rest For The Wicker
By Jessica Lewis

More valuable than you’d think, antique cottage furniture is worth some TLC.

A Day At the Races

Cottage regattas are as much about fun as they are about tradition.

History In The Making

Every lake association has a past. Here’s how to publish yours.

Nouvelle Cuisine

A Toronto chef gives his cottage kitchen a gourmet makeover.

Old King Cole
By David Zimmer

Whether backyard brazier or high-end smoker, the charcoal grill is hot again.

Flavor Of the Moment
By Jane Rodmell

Today a rub, tomorrow a marinade – with a few simple switches, it’s easy to change the taste of grilled food.


Task Master

How to put in a post

Real Tools

Wheelbarrow on steroids

Job Jar

Hardwood chunks fire = charcoal


Turn a log into a side table

Bright Idea

Cleaning between deck boards

Great Inventions

Log skidder; hand washer

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On the Waterfront
Cottage Q&A
Cottage Finds
Nature Scrapbook

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