Plastic-bag drying rack

By Ray Ford

How one cottager found a way to quickly dry reusable food bags


Photo by Sue Olynyk

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The life of a resealable plastic food bag is often nasty, brutish, and short—except at Sue Olynyk’s Temagami-area cottage, where a fresh-air drying rack offers loyal bags a second (and third, and fourth) lease on life. An engineer and avid waste-reducer, Olynyk used to wash bags, then stand them to dry on the counter. That took up a lot of space, and the process was slow. “I realized I needed a way to hang them up,” she says.

Her solution is the compact dryer she designed and her husband, Peter, built. He drilled nine angled holes in a 2×10, and inserted and glued a 30-cm- long dowel in each recess. Mounted outside the back door and beneath the eaves, the dryer airs bags out, even in damp weather. “I hate to throw things out,” Olynyk says. “When you have a water-access cottage, you don’t want to take garbage out if you don’t have to.”

Plastic bag drying rack

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