7 hearty breads & sandwiches

Impress guests on picnics or long boat rides with these 7 recipes

By Jane RodmellJane Rodmell

For the cottage cook, sandwiches have much to recommend them: They’re easy, quick, and adaptable. So well suited to casual meals, they can be served without cutlery, and usually without plates. The best cottage sandwiches, like the recipes here, can be made ahead and in quantity. Most of these recipes are assembled as whole loaves, then sliced at the table. Sandwiches made this way save prep time and are easier to take on a picnic, but you can also use a more traditional sliced-bread construction.

Of course, you can also save work by hanging up your chef’s hat and letting your family or guests take over. One of my favourite cottage routines is simply to set all the sandwich fixings on the kitchen table (or outside next to the barbecue) and let diners create their own masterpieces. With a selection of breads, meats, cheeses, and spreads, as well as sliced and leafy vegetables, your guests will not go hungry. For those who like to melt their cheese or grill their bread, plug in an electric sandwich grill or skillet (if you have one) or heat an iron skillet or ­griddle over medium heat on the barbecue.

Just remember not to make fun of the diner with the odd combination. Who knows—peanut butter and dill pickle may become your preferred sandwich too.

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