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By Michelle Kelly »Michelle Kelly

May 18th, 2011



And I’m back! I know, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted, and apologies for that. Without going into too much detail (this isn’t the kids blog after all), I’m finding that my little man is keeping me quite busy these days!

Last I wrote, I put out a call for your cottage collections. I thought I’d get in on the act myself and share my own collection of blue willow china. I recently inherited it from my mom:

I’m calling this blue willow (because, duh, it’s blue), but this “Willow” pattern is also less commonly found in pink, green, or brown. As you can see, not all of my dishes have that famous scene, but I’m not picky. Any blue and white china qualifies for my collection. My mom got a lot of it at auction sales around the cottage, and of course some of it came from our favourite flea market in Crosby. I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for more when we hit the flea for its opening weekend on Saturday. Woohoo!

Have a Willow collection of your own to share? Or another collection that was born at the cottage? Brag about it in the comments!


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Jun. 23, 2011

4:42 pm

love these plates, will look great up on a wall...


May. 27, 2011

3:49 am

I collect the Harrowsmith series of cookbooks. They're Canadian classics! Most titles are now out of print so I've found them at used book sales, Value Village, and They recipes always seem apt for the cottage. The Cottage Life cookbooks are terrific too, of course! My other ccottage collection is all things HBC. I have cushions, a throw, towels, tins, and a mug--all with the bold colourful point blanket stripes. I don't own a blanket yet but, with a black lab who sheds a lot, it wouldn't be very practical!


May. 26, 2011

4:15 am

Congratulations on having a collection. Personally, I really dislike Blue Willow....I intensely dislike eating off of blue china. Reminds me of rotting food. We bought our cottage three years ago and the collection that we are starting to amass is of our travels around the world. Our colour of choice is red and our cottage reflects the world we find outside of Muskoka. So far, we have a set of coffee and a set of tea cups from Turkey; a fabulous picture of a bull emerging from the stable of a bullring in Nimes; plenty of pottery from Languedoc and Rousillon (for daily use and for hanging on the wall); a lovely set of prints from Provence; enormous flower pots and other ceramics from Mexico; Aborignal art from Canada's West Coast. We decided early on that we wanted nothing second hand and strive to fill our cottage with memorable arts and crafts from the world. We do have an IKEA moose rocking chair (in red, of course), that proudly sits by one of the fireplaces among the international memorabilia.


May. 25, 2011

11:38 pm

dearest michelle.....I am surprised you have time to blog, work, and be a new mommy to Roy....never mind get to the cottage. I love transfer-ware too.....gosh....there's one thing I don't collect.... I have a friend who collects is lovely too. when I taught school I collected a ton of blue willow.....then i would tell the story, give each child a plate and their own paper plate......they would study the willow plate and then interpret t the story with crayon or pencil crayon on their paper plate and then add a water colour wash.....they were stunning....gosh I wish I had pic of a class set of 30 cute...

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