127 Keith Road,

Bracebridge, ON

P1L 0A1

Phone: 1-800-494-1443

Fax: 705-645-1845


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Coote, Hiley, Jemmett Limited

Professional * Quality * Surveying

Coote, Hiley, Jemmett Limited provides professional surveying services to both permanent and seasonal residences as well as area municipalities, developers, contractors, utility companies, and the legal community.

Coote, Hiley, Jemmett Limited has been in existence in Bracebridge since 1885 when it was established by William Galbraith, O.L.S.

Coote, Hiley, Jemmett Limited have been involved in a wide variety of projects including topographic surveys, legal surveys, mapping projects, large resort condominiums, township boundary retracements, design and layout of subdivisions, and surveys for major highways and gas pipelines as well as providing quality services to individuals, contractors, developers, and the legal community.

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