In each issue of Cottage Life you'll find answers to your cottage questions, delicious recipes, design ideas, and stories of other interesting cottagers and some wildlife too



Small Talk

A diminutive Georgian Bay cottage proves you don’t need lots of space to think big.

It's Easy Being Green

Simple, energy-efficient ideas add up to a power-savvy retirement cottage.

The Great Escape

How one group of diehards found luxury in a late-winter ski trek to the cottage.

Chip Off The Old Block
By Jane Rodmell

Artisanal cheeses lend seductive new flavours to your cottage meals.

What's Up With The Market ?

The cottage landscape is changing as buyers seek better value.

Where To Find Today's Best Deal ?
By Michelle Kelly

Five low-dollar regions.

Cottage Buyer Beware
By Bonnie Schiedel

10 tips for first time purchasers.

More Cottage, Less Cash

Thrifty buyers get into the market with unconventional thinking.


Task Master

Gravel driveway upkeep

Real Tools

The awesome gravel rake

Job Jar

Cleaning sandpaper with a crepe block

Cottage Plans

Multi-level, with lots of windows


Well rehabilitation

Bright Idea

A remedy for wiggly chairs

Great Inventions

Leaf cart; vinyl shades for the porch

On The Waterfront

A canoe builder for the ages; invitation to our Green Cottager Awards; a new look at low water levels; why waterbirds’ feet don’t freeze; a standout break-in; real estate humour; Ace recipes; Zimmer on our fear of dirt

Cottage Q&A

Taking cats to the cottage; the cost of hydro delivery; new hot tub treatments; using creek water; dealing with a dead moose.

Cottage Finds

Step on it

With a cottage rug, look for durability, colour, and pattern to hide heavy traffic.

Nature Scrapbook

Its own sweet time

The yellow birch gets all sappy in spring.

Cottage Classic

Pulling for you

the block and tackle.

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