Alanna Baird’s upcycled tin fish art

By Michelle Kelly »Michelle Kelly

January 7th, 2011



Just a quick post before I dash out for the week. Is it just me or does the first week back after holidays feel like it goes on forever? Might it have something to do with the sudden end of gluttony—you know, daily afternoon naps and chocolate binges— and the stark return of responsibility?

Whatever the case, bring on the weekend. If you’re unable to make it to the lake but are looking for something cottagey to do, and you’re in the Ottawa area, you might consider checking out sculptor Alanna Baird‘s latest exhibit, Metamorphish. It runs through Tuesday at the Trinity Gallery in the Shenkman Arts Centre. Baird uses upcycled tin to create amazing sculptures of fish. They are impressive on their own, but especially magical when grouped together, so the exhibit is certainly worth a look if you’re able to get there.

Happy weekends all!


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Spencer Nagle

Jan. 22, 2011

1:45 pm

That's cool. I've seen something like this before. Once I'm got more dough, I'd but this kind of stuff.


Jan. 11, 2011

10:30 am

Incredible! I'm with Maggie.....these would look so cool hanging from a high ceiling...or outside in the trees....or on a lamp post......or....!!


Jan. 8, 2011

12:13 pm

these fish are magic....ok picture a tall old cottage with open dark ceilings....candlelight only and a school of these fish hanging from the ceiling and slowly turning in the soft summer night breezes.....mmmmm prettie nice!!! nah!! I am not dreaming of cottage time/////hahamuch

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