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January 6th, 2011



Decor8 is one of those blogs that has something I find useful or inspiring in pretty much every post. Written by American editor and design consultant Holly Becker, currently living in northern Germany, the content often includes the latest European decor trends. As a cottager, I especially love to see the amazing-looking gear coming out of Scandinavia, where’s there’s a rich culture of cottaging that is not unlike our own. Becker also emphasizes vintage looks and presents creative ways of recycling old stuff into simply gorgeous decor. This particular post, about reusing wooden crates, really got my creative juices flowing, especially this photo from blogger Kjerstis Lykke :

Adding casters to this stack of crates is genius. I can see using this unit by the door to hold towels, sunscreen, and sunhats; in the bunkie as space for guests to stash a weekend’s worth of supplies; or perhaps in the shed, a place closer to its utilitarian roots, for coralling jars of screws and hardware or half-filled paint cans. Bravo!

For more of my musings on wooden crates, you can also head into the archives here.


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Jan. 12, 2011

9:14 am

darn I saw the best idea for those orange crates but I can't remember what it burn nicely could haul them all to camp....I will try a couple of things today...see if I can come up with something....


Jan. 11, 2011

12:45 pm

Hey Debb: I've seen quite a few of those crates on Craigs List Toronto, under the antiques section. The sellers tend to ask too much for them (as you point out), but then again they seem to stay available for a while so bargaining might not be out of the question. If I see one, I'll let you know. Another, related point, particularly germane at this time of year: What to do with the crates that those Christmas oranges come in? They aren't that sturdy, but surely they'd be good for something?


Jan. 11, 2011

10:55 am

you are right Debb....they are getting harder to find....sometimes the produce manager will have them....


Jan. 11, 2011

10:33 am

Our second-hand/thrift shops here don't carry cool things like that. I am always searching for unique collectibles, old crates, etc...but can never find them. In the rare occasion I do find them, they are WAY overpriced.


Jan. 8, 2011

12:09 pm

oh man you gotta love that room...I can see why you love it Michelle. I am also liking those square cushions on the bench....they look like old fashioned French mattress construction....I have been trying to sew that look lately with that fat rolled edge but haven't quite got ....

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