Happy New Year!

By Michelle Kelly »Michelle Kelly

January 3rd, 2011


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Well hello again all! I’m back in the office today after two weeks of holidays. I had a great break: Lots of relaxing, lots of good food, lots of family time, and lots of sleep! I took a major step into adulthood this Christmas when Rich and I hosted our families for dinner on Christmas day. Here’s a photo of our dining room, all decked out and ready for turkey:

We were 15 people all in (plus a few toddlers), so I guess you could say we jumped into hosting with both feet. Wow, it was a lot of work! I’m sure that observation comes as no surprise to the seasoned hosts out there, and I really do hope that you’re all right when you say it gets easier the more you take on the task.

It’s one thing to host in your city home, where last-minute needs are close at hand and facilities are often more comfortable than at the lake (I don’t worry about the septic overloading at home, for instance). Cottage hosting is a whole other ball game, since guests are usually of the weekend variety so figuring out where people are going to sit to eat is just the beginning of a long list of logistical issues. What about where people will sleep? Or, yes, where they will…pee?

It’s because of this that we are currently preparing a big story for one of our upcoming issues about hosting and entertaining at the lake. We’ve been gathering ideas on how to make the whole process not only easier, but more fun for everyone—it can be done! As always, the first experts we think of are cottagers themselves, so I’d love to get your feedback on any hosting tricks you keep up your sleeves. What do you do to make hosting easier? What do you do to make it more stylish? I want to hear your ideas! Please feel free to comment below or shoot me an e-mail.

Thanks very much for your patience while I was off on holidays and please keep coming back regularly as I resume a full posting schedule.

Happy 2011!

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Jan. 8, 2011

12:17 pm

bravo girl!!! well done...your table looks amazing....nice simple light fixture....the single tree....lovely Michelle....it's hard work and fun too....is it the pic or is your ceiling blue? and the walls are they slightly distressed?.... looks great

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