How to build a canoe or kayak rack

By Wayne Lennox | 17 Apr 2010

A couple of rickety old sawhorses. That’s what passes for a winter storage system for my canoe. And during canoe season, I just park it upside down on the beach. I didn’t invest a lot in that canoe—in fact, I don’t even like it much—so I don’t lose sleep over UV deterioration, or weather damage to the thwarts, or even a limb falling on it. Certainly, a better model— the kind that many cottage folks have— should be better protected. It’s the owners of those boats who have been asking us to feature a storage-system project for canoes and kayaks.

The design and engineering challenges for this project were many. We wanted it to store four individual crafts, whether
canoes, kayaks, sailboards, or even rowing shells. It should be stable on sloped cottage waterfront, as well as provide the boats a basic measure of security and a roof for some protection from sun, weather, and tree debris.

Store four of your favourite watercraft on this rack, and protect them from the sun and falling debris from surrounding trees.

Click here to download the plans.