How to build a convertible picnic table

By Wayne LennoxWayne Lennox

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Last summer, my wife, Lynn, and I dropped in on cousin Kathleen and her husband, Ross, at their Wahwashkesh
Lake cottage. After the customary welcome refreshments and sharing of family news and gossip, Ross and I naturally started talking cottage stuff. I noted that he had recently replaced the deck on the side of the cottage. This required closer observation, so we abandoned the women and our lawn chairs and climbed the steps for the requisite inspection.

Ross said he was considering installing a bench along the railing side of the deck and wanted to know what I thought. Since this bench/table project was already under construction back at my place, I suggested it might be a suitable alternative. Like stationary benches, our bench/tables provide extra deck seating space, but they can be moved around.

The added bonus is that they can also be quickly converted to half picnic tables or combined to form a full one. This eliminates the need for the traditional, but cumbersome wood picnic table or a plastic or aluminum patio set that always seems to take up too much space. The multi-purpose Cottage Life benches are the hands (and bottoms) down way to go.

Click here to download the plans.

The article was originally published in April/May 2002

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