How to build a bunkie

By Wayne LennoxWayne Lennox



The Cottage Life Bunkie not only makes an ideal guest cabin for cottage overflow, it also doubles as a quiet retreat for
those days when even two’s a crowd.

When we designed this structure, we envisioned it as suitable accommodation for a couple of adults and three to four kids.  A futon on the main level would work well for a bed for the big folks, while cots or an inflatable bed in the loft would be suitable for the little ones. (Since a queen-size mattress will fit, a couple of adults can also sleep comfortably in the loft).

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May. 2, 2012

10:59 am

is it possible to build this 3' off the ground using 6x6 posts?


Mar. 27, 2012

3:08 pm

Hi there, Is there a going to be an assembled Cottage Life bunkie at the cottage show? Thanks, Maggie

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