Gifts for Cottagers: Thout holey stump

By Michelle Kelly »Michelle Kelly

December 13th, 2010


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Though this stool is not new to the market, it’s something that I’ve had my eye on for a few years but could never justify buying because I’ve never had the appropriate space for it. Or any space at all, for that matter. But I sure would love one to tuck away in the corner at my cottage, ready to be hauled out when a temporary perch is needed. Call me crazy, but I have this romantic vision of using it on the front deck in the evening, gin and tonic in hand and a bag of late-August corn at my feet, waiting to be shucked. (When it’s minus double digits below freezing outside, the cottage romantic in me has plenty of space to run wild with such unlikely scenarios, but so be it.)

The holey stump is made from solid white cedar with three large holes pierced into the base. The holes make the piece lighter while adding a whimsical touch; the designers compare the cutouts to something a worm might make. They’ve also added a modern touch by using  a water-bourne gloss finish in either Jamaican aqua, lively lime, black, or white (custom colours are also available). The holey stump is designed by Toronto-based architectural and design studio Thout, whose founder, Patrick Turner, named the company after his childhood summer cabin in eastern Ontario. The stool is available for $140. Visit their website for more details on how to order.

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