In each issue of Cottage Life you'll find answers to your cottage questions, delicious recipes, design ideas, and stories of other interesting cottagers and some wildlife too



Bear Necessities

The forces of nature come extra large in Churchill, Manitoba, but tundra cottagers rise to the challenge.

The Search for Ermine Lake

Our possessed quest to find a fabled body of water. Excerpted from Escape, a new book by Roy MacGregor.

Photo Finishers

In the running against 3,023 entries, these eight images crossed the winners’ line.

A Man For All Seasons
By Charles Long

Summer cottager or year-round resident, you’re all the same to Reeve Ron Holman. How he paves the roads and pays the bills of Rideau Lakes township.

Stir Softly and Carry a Small Stick
By Jane Rodmell

These new spins on fondue favourites make for delectable dipping.

Recipe Contest

Last chance to enter the 2003 Recipe Contest, featuring new categories and prizes. Deadline for entries is November 18, 2002.


Task Master

Lock down the cottage with a deadbolt

Real Tools

The sliding bevel gauge


Insulating options

In the Works

High-efficiency woodstoves

Job Jar

A tip to keep tools from getting lost

Bright Ideas

The magical non-electric Ecofan

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On the Waterfront
Cottage Classic
Cottage Q&A
Nature Scrapbook

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