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The Great Indoors
By Charles Long

When the Eberhards built their Temagami cottage they designed around the landscape. Rock, tree, and all.

Rock Around the Dock

From beach to woods to roadside cuts, your cottage environment is rich with minerals. A casual collector’s guide to finding not-so-buried treasure.

Same Time Next Year

Cottage Life readers, with files from Diane Forrest. A bagged piper, wienies forever, and foot valve fetishes – cottagers, if nothing else, are creatures of habit. To celebrate our readers’ love of tradition, we’ve assembled the best of your daily rituals and annual events.

Temperature’s Rising
By Charles Long

So you want to turn up the heat without burning the budget? Read on for a survey of systems to help extend your cottage season.

Put a Lid On It
By Jane Rodmell

Prolong the taste of summer by preserving the season’s bounty. Recipes you can savour now or save for later.

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Weekend cottage klatch
Brush burning
Luminescent fungi
Pelee Island
Black-horned tree crickets
Hibachi grill

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