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Who's Watching Out for Our Water?

With lake levels disturbingly low again, cottagers fear it isn't just the weather that's to blame. Water taking from aquifers and inland lakes - and one day maybe the Great Lakes - is a booming business. But is anyone minding the store?

A Celebration of Summer Reading

In which we explore cottagers' passion for the pastime, share writers' favourite fiction for the lake, and showcase slices of cottage life from a selection of Canadian authors.

The New View from the Throne

With these attention-getting trim and tidy septic systems, dropping your drawers needn't be an assault on the cottage kingdom.

The Sky is Falling! The Sky is Falling!

'Tis the season for electrical storms, tornadoes, hail attacks, microbursts, and other show-stopping atmospheric events. A compendium of wild, weird and wonderful facts about the weather of summer.

Right-Hand Man
By Charles Long

He fixes the roof, delivers the goods, and gets the guests to the chapel on time. This indispensible cottage-country caretaker is there through the good and the bad.

Also in this issue

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Cottage classic -- the web chair
Reviving vs. restocking native lake fish
Return of the elk
Tougher times for border-hopping cottagers
All about hinges
The flying squirrel
Cottage Cook: Skewered food on the grill

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