Easy upcycling ideas for your tabletop

By Michelle Kelly »Michelle Kelly

November 24th, 2010

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Sometimes I think I should have been a kindergarten teacher. Why? Two reasons: empty egg cartons and empty paper towel or toilet paper rolls. I can’t seem to put either in the blue box without thinking first of the wee four-year-olds who could use them to make something creative and gorgeous. (Add a few pipe cleaners and some googly eyes and suddenly you have a one-of-a-kind centipede.)

But if you have no kids, is there anything else that’s useful to do with this “garbage”? There sure is! Thank you internet for bringing me the following two ingenious ideas, perfect for the cottage.

This acorn napkin ring, from the amazing and enormous blog Craftzine, is so simple and brings a great hit of natural goodness to your cottage table. And all you need are a few rolls, a few dozen acorns, and some basic craft supplies. Go here for detailed instructions then break out your glue guns.

As for those egg cartons, here’s a great trick for reusing those plastic ones, the kind with the fitted lid on the top and the bottom. In today’s Style Counsel from the Globe and Mail, chef Michael Tong, owner of Toronto’s Sublime Catering, recommends using them as individual serving trays at brunch. Each egg hole can hold its own delicacy, anything from a soft-boiled egg to a posey of berries. Ingenious, and pretty great for brunch on the dock, no?

(Photo by Marie LeBaron of blog Make and Takes)

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