In each issue of Cottage Life you'll find answers to your cottage questions, delicious recipes, design ideas, and stories of other interesting cottagers and some wildlife too



A Quest for the Best Canoe
By Jo Currie

While nothing symbolizes simplicity as well as the paddle-powered icon of the north, cottagers find it hard deciding among today's many-optioned models. Which one is right for you?

The Stinging Truth

A who's who of cottage country's leading bees and wasps. Not all of them are out to stick you.

The Perfect Privy

When nature called, we answered. Find relief with our crackerjack build-it-yourself backhouse.

Cruise Control
By Diane Forrest

Ride shotgun with the OPP as they battle speeders, boozers, and road rage on the long hot drive to cottage country.

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Mortimer Moose
Lyme disease vaccine
Teaching kids to swim
Long Point real estate
Dock spider
Fixing leaky rivets
Waterproof diapers

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