In each issue of Cottage Life you'll find answers to your cottage questions, delicious recipes, design ideas, and stories of other interesting cottagers and some wildlife too



The Numbers Game

Two's company, three's a crowd, but how do you happily handle a dozen or more? Meet three families who've mastered the mob scene.

Feeding the Masses
By Jane Rodmell

Easy and expandable, these elegant make-ahead meals will satisfy a cottage crowd, and keep the cook sane.

Paradise Sought

If the prospect of purchasing a cottage leaves your head in the clouds, plant your feet on the ground with our buyer's guide to the sometimes tricky realities of recreational property.

Atlas Shrugged, Newton Tugged
By Charles Long

When brute force fails, some simple physics is all it takes to move mountains at the cottage.

Through the Looking Glass

Give the kids a glimpse into the shallows by your cottage shoreline with a water scope they can help make.

Also in this issue

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Lake level update
Swimming rattlers
Hooked on bobbers
Art of duct tape
Solving toilet troubles

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