In each issue of Cottage Life you'll find answers to your cottage questions, delicious recipes, design ideas, and stories of other interesting cottagers and some wildlife too



Plugging in to the Sun

Photovoltaic systems are ideal for remote locations, require little maintenance, are environmentally friendly, and don't cost the earth. No wonder more and more cottagers are going solar. Here's what you need to know to get started.

Winter Comes to Cottage Country

October fades into November and the shore becomes barren. No cottagers to talk to, nobody fishing, no leaves on the trees. An ode to the changing season.

A Cottager's Sense of Snow
By Diane Forrest

Colder than a banker's heart, heavier than a constitutional debate, more unpredictable than a teenager's love life. Everything you always wanted to know about the white stuff.

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Best winter burgers
Snow pileups: Can your roof take the weight?
Snowshoe hares
Cottage Detective: Classic cottages
Snowmobile safaris

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