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By Michelle Kelly »Michelle Kelly

November 18th, 2010


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Cottagers sure do love them their fireplaces. And it’s easy to understand why: What’s better than arriving at the lake during colder weather and firing up a few logs. Add a glass of red wine and some good company and you’ve pretty much reached nirvana. Given how much time we spend gathering around our hearths, it’s odd then that, even though they vary in size and shape, they so often look the same (with some exceptions, of course). It’s as though we haven’t yet taken the same imaginative approach to fireplaces that we have to other elements of home design, be it stairs, couches, appliances, you name it.

I suppose that’s why I was so charmed by a reader-designed fireplace image that popped up in my inbox yesterday:

Fireplace outside

These shots were sent to me by reader Christian Joore, whose parents have been evolving a Buckhorn Lake cottage design for twenty years. The fireplace is the brainchild of his father, Thomas Joore. According to Christan, “from the outside the towering structure seems striped like a wild animal, flowing with lines of rock and brick wrapping its exterior in a warm and rugged outdoorsy style. Inside, the look continues but is punctuated by a thick cedar mantel that crowns the firebox’s strong medieval frame. This room intends to be an all-season porch; incidentally we have already dined in warm comfort on a chilly Thanksgiving in front of the nearly finished fireplace. It was a pleasure.”

I bet! This fireplace is a great reason to look forward to winter.

By the way, if you’re fireplace or woodstove dependent at your cottage, you should definitely check out a few recent musings we’ve offered on using these appliance efficiently and safely. First, Penny Caldwell’s blog post about back drafting, and also Alex Roslin‘s recent column about air pollution from wood smoke, from the October 2010 issue of Cottage Life.

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Apr. 17, 2011

6:46 am

the above fireplace, can you tell me if there are plans or who made this

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